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Prepare for the GMAT in the most realistic way possible with Adaptive GMAT Practice Tests.

With Studycopter's Computer Adaptive GMAT Practice Tests you can hone your skills, timing, and confidence and ascertain how you would fare on test-day with our 200-800 level scaled scores, as on the GMAT.

Studycopter's Computer Adaptive GMAT Practice Tests (CATs) use the same IRT Technology that’s used on the actual GMAT, guaranteeing that you see the most realistic GMAT questions and the most accurate scores.

Summary of your GMAT Test Performance

How close to the real test are these GMAT practice tests?

We designed our GMAT Practice Tests to simulate the official GMAT as closely as possible, both in terms of question quality, difficulty level, and how the computer-adaptive algorithm determines your ability level and chooses which questions you see. Our GMAT tests draw from a pool of hundreds of realistic GMAT questions, each of which is measured on multiple attributes that go far deeper than simply “easy / medium / hard.” Given the adaptive nature of our practice tests, no two test instances will be exactly the same.

How are these different from hundreds of other GMAT Practice tests available Online?

Our GMAT Practice tests are built on a platform that employs Item Response Theory (IRT), the same system underlying the real GMAT. Learn more about the IRT and our approach to smart learning.

Unlike basic approaches that simply count correct and incorrect responses and then generate a score, IRT recognizes that no two GMAT questions are exactly the same. What question you receive at any given point on a test will be dictated by how well you have performed up to that point, and how you answer that question will impact your ability estimate and help determine which question you see next. The system also takes “content balancing” into account, ensuring that you see a mix of question types that are representative of what you will see on the real GMAT, all while gathering as much information about your ability level as possible.

With each question, you get a detailed analysis of your performance, time spent on the question, the question's GMAT-specific difficulty level, and the GMAT chapter and section that the question belongs to.

Each question is graded by Difficulty Level, Chapter, and Section

Who creates the questions in the Studycopter GMAT practice tests?

Every question in our GMAT practice tests was written by experienced Studycopter GMAT instructors (many with 99 percentile scores on the GMAT), Nova Press' question bank (used and trusted by millions of users worldwide), and experts from organizations such as Manhattan GMAT Prep and Kaplan.

Our questions have been designed to measure students’ higher-order thinking skills in the same way official GMAT questions do. All questions are tested with thousands of GMAT students before being used in a Studycopter GMAT practice test.

I'm just getting started on my GMAT Preparation. Shall I start with Studycopter's Adaptive GMAT Practice Tests?

In addition to Adaptive GMAT Practice Tests, Studycopter has everything else you need to ace the GMAT. Our Smart Learning System recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and tells you the exact areas you need to focus on. We recommend that you start with our Diagnostic Tests to ascertain your current level of preparedness. Then let our algorithm guide you through your best preparation path! Once you are closer to your GMAT date, attempt the adaptive Practice Tests to measure how you'd fare on test-day with our 200-800 level scaled scores.

Are the Adaptive Studycopter GMAT Practice Tests free?

Absolutely! We are so confident about Studycopter's awesomeness that you can try out Studycopter for free, with unlimited access for 7 days! In addition to our Adaptive Tests, you can try our GMAT Study Material, 1000s of GMAT Practice Questions, our 24x7 Virtual Tutors and more! Checkout a complete list of our features and the chapters covered in the Studycopter GMAT Prep Course. After you're satisfied with Studycopter's effectiveness, come back and extend your course's duration. If you don't like what you see, you don't have pay anything-as simple as that

Have questions? Write to us and we'd be happy to help!