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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Studycopter?
Studycopter is a revolutionary test preparation tool which leverages the power of comprehensive learning to help you achieve better scores. Its learning engine is adaptive and automatically generates a custom study plan based on how you're performing.
How is it different from its competitors?
Studycopter brings together great content-study material, practice questions, and mock tests-from leading authors, teachers, and publishers packaged within our proprietary algorithm to enable you to study smarter. Our algorithm closely mimics how real tests' (such as GMAT, IBPS SO) algorithms work (to the best of our knowledge) to give you the most realistic learning environment for a great cost. In addition to our website, you can use Studycopter anywhere, anytime through our mobile apps. Also, with our dedicated Tutors and Mentors, we give you unlimited access to the world's best faculty at a fraction of the price of traditional classroom coaching.
How can I be assured of the content quality of the Studycopter Prep courses?
Studycopter licenses its content from some of the most reputable content publishers out there, primarily Nova Press, publishers of best-selling GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT study material for several years. In addition to Nova's material which has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, we also have several talented professional content writers who 'get' the GMAT, IBPS, and other exams and write study material and questions that closely mimic actual test questions.
What all does the course include?
Our course includes a complete set of resources for you to prepare-from study material to practice exercises to mock tests (speed tests)-we've got it all. Moreover, our content is packages within our unique performance analysis system that continuously analyzes your strong suits and weak areas and guides you along a personalized preparation plan. Lastly, you also get access to 24x7 Private Tutors with our courses.
How do I sign-up for a course?
You can sign-up for a course by initially registering for a free trial to test out our product for 7 days.
Is this service free-to-use?
We all have our bills to pay, so we charge a small subscription fee to keep our awesome team going but we are generous enough to provide you with a no-holds barred, free-to-use service for a period of 7 days from the day of your registration. If you're looking for bulk subscription for your school or college or workplace, do let us know, we'd be happy to work out a discount.
What is your privacy policy?
We're very considerate towards our users' privacy. We do not sell/rent out any of our users' personally identifiable information in any form verbal, written or electronic. We however reserve the right to publish user testimonials and case studies on our site with mutual consent. To know more, check our complete privacy policy here.
How much time will I have to spend each week and overall to get a good test score?
This is subjective to each user and can vary drastically from person to person depending on the person's grasping ability, time devoted per sitting, and overall commitment to the preparation. You'll have a better idea of where you stand after the first few days of preparation and can discuss your preparation plan with a Tutor/Coach and plan accordingly.
Does Studycopter guarantee a good test score? What if I don’t get a good score even after studying with your tool?
Regardless of what anyone may claim, it is next to impossible to guarantee our users' performance on the final day of the exam. There are just way too many variables out there. If, however, you don't score as per your expectations, we recommend critically analysing where exactly you lacked in your performance and specifically improve on those areas. Studycopter has a built-in learning engine which does that for you, telling you which areas you need to improve upon from time to time. So try to follow the study plan religiously and you should be fine.
What is a GMAT diagnostic test and why should I start with one?
NOTE: This applies only for the GMAT courses. We recommend taking two diagnostic tests as soon as you signup for our service. Taking such a test immediately after signing up serves two purposes. Firstly, it helps to gauge your present level of preparedness, or your baseline performance as we call it, something you can anchor against for the initial phase of your study cycle to see how well you are improving your scores vis-a-vis the day of the registration. Secondly, it helps us form a statistical model of the user for us to propose a customized study plan for them. So the user gets to focusing on the right elements right from the start without wasting any time. A win-win situation.
How do I change my email/password?
Upon logging in, you can click on your name at the top right corner of your app's screen. Clicking on it will take you to your account settings, where you will be able to change your personal information including, email and password.
My account got compromised? What do I do?
If you feel your account has been somehow hacked or compromised in any way and you are not able to login, you should immediately let us know at the earliest by dropping us a mail at We will ask you to identify yourselves and once we're sure, we would issue you new login credentials which you can use to login to your account. Your subscription period will continue from where you left off.
How do I turn off emails from Studycopter?
We, at Studycopter, understand that a modern email user gets a ton of emails everyday and we restrict ourselves to sending only important emails to our users. In case, you feel, you don't need our emails, feel free to click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the last email we sent you or alternatively, you can drop us a line at and we'll unsubscribe you.
Will there be a lot of homework?
No, generally you would not be inundated with a ton of homework or practice material. We will however provide a guideline on what to study next which should help you plan your study time in advance.
Where do I go if I face a problem or need further explanation?
You may check out our detailed answers to similar questions we have already provided or post a question to our blog, and let the community help you figure it out!
How credible is your study plan recommendation system?
Our study plan recommendation system is based on a proprietary algorithm which takes into account the overall expected pattern of an exam, question spread between various chapters, difficulty level of each chapter, its sub-sections, probability of it occurring in the exam, and your performance on similar questions. Depending on these and several other factors, we propose a 2-chapter-5-exercise study plan. We don't claim that we know how test writers think, but we have a system in place which predicts with a fair level of accuracy as to what the right study path should be like and due to its adaptive nature, it gets better and better over time and is customized for a particular user. If, however, at any point you feel that the study plan is not working for you. we provide enough flexibility for the user to choose his own study plan and choose practice exercises, mock tests, and read study material based on your convenience. No limitations whatsoever!
What does success rate mean?
Success rate is defined as the percentage of questions you got right v/s the percentage of questions attempted by you.
What does my performance graph signify?
The performance graph gives a quick visual representation of your performance till date. It tracks your success rate from the day you started using Studycopter.
How do I redeem a discount coupon?
If you have a discount coupon, you can avail it at the time of entering your credit/debit card details, by clicking on the "Redeem Coupon" checkbox and entering your redeem code before clicking on "Submit".
My credit/debit card statement says that it got charged although I still do not have access to my account. What's going on?
Although such a case will be rare since through our automated system, a user account gets activated the instant the payment is made, we can't deny the possibility of a rare case happening. If you feel this has happened with you, please send in your account details along with an appropriate payment proof, (card statement, payment successful email) to and we will sort out the issue at the earliest. We would never let your payment go waste.
My credit/debit card doesn't seem to work. What can I do? Is there an alternative way to pay for the subscription?
If your credit/debit card is somehow not compatible or doesn't work for some reason, you can also pay us through a demand draft or check or cash. We will activate your account as soon as your payment reaches us. More details are available on our store pages.
What is your refund policy?
We generally don't provide a refund since we give enough time to the user to test out our service several times over and we provide full set of features to the user in the free-trial phase. If however, you feel that you have a valid case and you deserve a refund for genuine reasons, we would be happy to talk with you, on a case by case basis. We're generally nice people and rest assured we only promise what we can deliver.
I've got a pay-per-month course payment plan. How do I cancel my course?
Our pay-per-month payment plans are meant to allow you to access Studycopter in a cost-effective and convenient way. If you do decide to cancel your course prior to the end of your course's duration, you can do so by writing a simple email to and we'll get it done for you. Do note that to account for banking and administrative charges, we'll have to charge you for at-least half of the course duration. For instance, if your course duration is for 12 months and you decide to cancel the course before the 6th month (say, the 3rd or 4th month), we will charge you for 6 months. However if you decide to cancel a 12 month course in the 7th or 8th month (or anytime after halfway), we'll cancel your course right away.
Mobile App
Don't you have a mobile app to prepare on-the-go?
We have multiple Android and iOS Apps for preparation on the go. You can find them on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
More questions
Are you associated with either GMAC or ETS?
Short answer is NO. Long answer is: TOEFL and GRE are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Services (ETS). Studycopter is not endorsed by or related to ETS. GMAT is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Studycopter is not endorsed by or related to GMAC.
I have a question that's not answered above
If you feel your question has not been listed here or for any additional questions, support queries or feedback, contact us at We love to hear from our customers!