Thousands of people apply for bank exams every year, and a miniscule fraction of these applicants make it. One fundamental thing that sets a successful candidate and an aspirant apart would be a a good vocabulary. In order to improve your word stock, Studycopter brings to you regular WORD OF THE DAY updates.

Today’s word of the day is:

PLACID – सौम्य

What does it mean?

  • not easily upset or excited
  • calm and peaceful, with little movement or activity

How do you use it?

  • Even when the emergency room was packed with patients, the staff remained placid and calmly did their duties.
  • The stock market has been far from placid during the economic crisis

How do you remember it?


Cue –  A student well PLACED in his college will sit calmly and peacefully as compared to those who did not get placed.


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