RBI guv Rajan pitches for tolerance, says bans stifle debate

RBI guv Rajan pitches for tolerance, says bans stifle debate


Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan on Saturday joined the ongoing debate on individual freedom, saying the right to question and challenge must be protected.

Addressing a convocation ceremony at IIT-Delhi, Rajan said free debate, tolerance and mutual respect were key to a healthy society and economic growth.

“A quick resort to bans will chill all debate as everyone will be anguished by ideas they dislike. It is far better to improve the environment for ideas through tolerance and mutual respect,” Rajan said, adding that alternative viewpoints must be protected while ensuring “the right to behave differently as long as it does not hurt others seriously”.

He said excessive political correctness stifles progress as much as excessive license and disrespect, and that all ideas should be scrutinised critically regardless of the source.

“India’s tradition of debate and an open spirit of enquiry is critical for economic progress. Tolerance can take the offence out of debate and indeed instil respect. Tolerance and respect then lead to a good equilibrium where they reinforce each other,” Rajan said…Read More

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