International News- Daily Digest: 2 Key Updates

1. G20 finance ministers drop anti-protectionist pledge

G-20 nations have dropped a long-standing anti-protectionist pledge and a vow on action against climate change, after opposition from the United States. The Finance ministers from the world’s largest economies met in the southern German town of Baden-Baden, but failed to renew their pledge to bolster free trade. They issued a statement saying that they were working to strengthen the contribution of trade to their economies.

2. NASA honours singer Chuck Berry by sending his song to space

NASA paid tribute to late American singer-songwriter Chuck Berry by including his song ‘Johnny B Goode’ to ‘Music from Earth’ in the deep-space Voyager mission. The Voyager mission includes two probes launched 40 years ago, which have reached beyond the Solar System, carrying a ‘Golden Record’ containing selected sounds and images from Earth intended to communicate with probable extraterrestrials.

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