International News-Daily Digest: 2 Key Updates

1. EU rules out UK trade talks before Brexit payment deal

European Union (EU) officials are ruling out any discussions with UK Prime Minister Theresa May over a post-Brexit trade deal until she agrees to settle Britain’s financial commitments to the bloc. In a sign the EU is toughening its stance as Britain prepares to trigger two years of negotiations. The EU is determined to set its own pace and may not even reveal the sum it wants the UK to pay until after German elections in September. The EU’s hard line increases the chances of the UK walking away from the Brexit talks without a deal or even before the sides turn to the matter of a trade pact.

2. Voice recognition to be used by Germany to identify origins of migrant

Germany is to begin testing new voice recognition software that can tell which country migrants without documentation come from. The automated new system would begin within two weeks. The aim is to detect Arabic-speaking migrants claiming to be Syrian to increase their chances of asylum. The new software will run alongside techniques already in use to establish a person’s identity.

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