Donald Trump wins initially to lead as the next US president


Donald Trump is a billionaire and is a real estate tycoon. The unlikely Republican presidential frontrunner now can claim his first victory in the U.S. political arena after notching up a win in the New Hampshire.The  New Yorker has upended the  presidential election to be held in 2016  by casting a spell over grassroots conservatives. He is not supposed as shying away from talking tough. In the eyes of his fans, he is assumed as  American success, the cut-throat tycoon who can magically fix all that’s wrong with a country without any boundary in the world, and also home to an increasingly frustrated white working and middle class.  Donald  Trump is not supposed to be  really interested in the old fashioned and traditional political virtue.  He comments loudly what he thinks right in his own way be it a  person, place, community or else.

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