Whether you’re the kind of fan that waits up nights to watch your favourite batsman take the crease, or a trend-obsessed wannabe who is still riding high on the post-Olympics fever, we’re here to give you one more reason to obsess about sports. Over the years, several words and terms that trace their origins to sports have found their way into everyday language. Read more

Cloze Test : Some Conventional Tips

In a cloze test, a passage with some blank spaces, is given to the candidate. Candidates are required to fill in the blanks with an appropriate word out of the given options. The purpose of this test is to judge the grammatical knowledge, vocabulary power, and common sense of the candidate.

Sometime it may seem that the blank can have more than one answer; in this case it is advised that the candidate reads through the passage completely multiple times. A sentence may be helpful in figuring out the blank in the previous sentence. If you find it hard to understand the passage, read it again; it improves understanding.  Read more

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