International News-Daily Digest: 3 Key Updates


1. US Reintroduces Bill to Prevent H-1B Visa Abuse

Two US politicians have reintroduced a Bill that seeks to curb misuse of H-1B visas and prevent outsourcing of jobs to foreign shores. The Keeping American Jobs Act was introduced by Derek Kilmer (Democrat) and Doug Collins (Republican). They said the legislation will prevent companies that have temporary visas from the H-1B visa programme from using them to train workers in the country and then moving those jobs to a foreign land. A Bill to this effect was first introduced in the last Congress on February 24, 2016 under the Obama administration. Read more

International News-Daily Digest: 3 Key Updates


1. Taliban captures southern Afghan city of Sangin

Taliban has captured the crucial city of Sangin in southern Afghanistan after a year-long battle. Afghan forces have made a tactical retreat from the centre of Sangin. The fall of Sangin came amid the insurgents’ year-long push to expand their footprint in the Taliban heartland of Helmand province. It signals growing strength of Taliban in Afghanistan. Read more

International News-Daily Digest: 2 Key Updates


1. US bans laptops, iPads on flights from West Asia, Africa

The US Transport Security Administration’s (TSA) move to ban laptops and iPads in handbags from airports in West Asia and Africa including on flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi will prove a major boon for Air India and other Indian and American carriers that have direct flights linking the two countries. The US has announced a ban on large electronic devices in cabin baggage on passenger flights from airports in eight Muslim-majority countries- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Jeddah, Doha, Kuwait and Istanbul. The airlines likely to be affected are Emirates, Qatar Airways, Saudi, Etihad and Turkish. Read more

International News-Daily Digest: 6 Key Updates


1. N. Korea tests powerful rocket engine

North Korea has tested a powerful new rocket engine with leader Kim Jong-un hailing the successful test as a “new birth” for the nation’s rocket industry. The test was apparently timed to coincide with the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Beijing, where he warned that regional tensions had reached a “dangerous level”. Read more

International News- Daily Digest: 2 Key Updates

1. G20 finance ministers drop anti-protectionist pledge

G-20 nations have dropped a long-standing anti-protectionist pledge and a vow on action against climate change, after opposition from the United States. The Finance ministers from the world’s largest economies met in the southern German town of Baden-Baden, but failed to renew their pledge to bolster free trade. They issued a statement saying that they were working to strengthen the contribution of trade to their economies. Read more

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