Announcing beta launch of the Studycopter platform | Interactive GMAT Course

We are pleased to announce the launch of our beta application today.  Using our web platform, prospective GMAT test takers can prepare for their GMAT exam in a smart way with best-selling content by our partner Nova press.  We will provide deep analysis of your performance and help you identify areas you’re weak at and subsequently apply our learning engine to suggest your next action steps for study and practice. And finally to consolidate it all up, some challenging mock-tests with real GMAT-style questions. Try it out by signing up here for a risk-free trial today.

We have worked hard over the past six months to come up with this amazing platform. Have a look at the following screenshots which will help you understand our platform better.

Students Dashboard – Performance Timeline Analysis

Score card – Shows current status alongwith more relevant metrics

Recommended & Completed Exercises

Study Exercises with examples

Practice GMAT-style questions

Take actual GMAT-length and style mock tests and review your question-wise performance.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do let us know at or visit our facebook page here. Happy studying!

Studycopter Team

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